Former jailbird and city socialite Shanitah Namuyimba a.k.a Bad Black is yet to undergo another butt and boob surgery in Thailand were she is currently holed up. According to a post on her Facebook wall she asks her loyal fans to help decide what kind of butt she should get. This is surely not the first time that Bad Black is undergoing the knife after she had boob implants before being whisked away to jail a few years ago for defrauding British business man David Greenhalgh who was her financier and bonk mate.

Bad Black made herself a name in Kampala a few years ago due to her excessive and exclusive spending habits that saw her buy a series of monster machines (cars). She was also courted by many party animals in the clubs and pubs because she used to make money rain like manna from heaven. She was living the type of life that only Hollywood celebrities can afford. 

The coolers seem to have had a massive impact on her life that she even decided to give her life to Christ. When she finally regained her freedom, her friends expected that she would continue to live her old lifestyle, unfortunately for them she decided to go underground maybe because her coffers went dry. For now we await to see Bad Black and her new butt.

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