Recently we featured photos of the amazing, curvaceous
Shandrella Eve Komuntle on this site, and the city went gaga.

As many men continue to lose sleep over her huge butt, Telesqop
caught up with the socialite, in an interview where she revealed that she I actually
an upcoming rapper.

Read on to find out what she thinks about her on body, life
and other celebs in Kampala


Where in Kampala do
you like hanging out from?

Any cool place with a cool environment. And nice music I
roll with

What kind of a man
would you prefer dating?


I like a man who understands me.. loyal..(which is hard I
know)handsome of course, stylish…most especially a man who smells good and
hardworking...its not all about the money long as he is caring with
any little thing he has..(Though not completely broke) if u understand me and I
understand u...that’s all

How does it feel carrying
such a huge booty?

Lol…carrying such a huge booty…it’s cool. I mean it’s all natural.
So I carry it with pride..


Have you ever been
ambushed by someone who argues that it's not natural and asked for a chance to

A lot of times. All the time…but with…mama fed me right...right?

Why are you always
gloomy and tough at events?

About the gloomy look...I mean I can’t change that…though
everyone complains about it..guess i got it from my dad..


Have you ever
considered taking a bikini photo shoot. Just to show the world that what you
got is all real and natural?

Yes…though people are so bitter...but what the hell...not
everyone should like u.. so I do what pleases me

What’s the weirdest
thing you’ve ever done as a socialite?


Lol..I am not a socialite ..Lawd...!I just like to be
normal...even though I pull lots of attention...Anyway…I’m not so much of crazy…I’m
so quiet and reserved..


Haha, okay. What's
the craziest thing you've ever done in your reserved personality?

Ok…I fought. I rarely fight...but I fought with some1 that
got to my last nerve in a bar…I was like this is not me. I like my peace just
like I give people their peace


Have you ever had a
one night stand?

No.. I’m more of a serious relationship girl.


Who among Ugandan
celebs would you love to get naughty with?

Ahaaa..ok…that’s a hard one..lemme i really
supposed to answer

Haha yeah you are
supposed to

Seriously no one...

Okay, if you were
tasked to have sex with a celebrity of the same sex with you, who would it be

In Uganda?

Ehhh...banange nga we are so sexual here...lemme see...I
think sheebah…she’s bad...but no homo.


What's the most
annoying habit you have?

I like throwing shade…sometimes my friends take it so
personal.. they just cant deal...

By the way I got a talent. Incase u wanna know

A talent in throwing
shade? throwing bars...I rap