Recently we broke a story of how Katikamu North MP Abraham
Byandala had vowed to take HIV tests, to prove that he did not infect his accuser.

In case you missed it, a girl named Martha Angela Nabatanzi
accused the MP of raping, ballooning and infecting her with deadly HIV/AIDS.

In an exclusive encounter with one of our snoops, Byandala
vowed not take  HIV test in any hospital of choice, just to prove his

Fast forward today, the legislator finally bowed down to pressure,
headed over to Ebenezer clinical laboratory, for the test.

Upon obtaining his ‘shocking’ results, Byandala was quick to
call back our snoop with a copy of the results, seemingly excited.

To everyone’s surprise however, Byandala tested negative for
HIV, trashing the accuser’s claims.

Here, we’ve attached an exclusive copy of the test results,
just for you




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