Over the past few weeks seasoned journalist and CEO of the Independent Magazine Andrew Mwenda has been viciously attacking the person of rtd. col Kiiza Besigye and many people have been wondering if he (Besigye) has just become Mwenda's latest obessesion or there is a ploy behind all these attacks. 

After talking to quite a number of people in the political and media sphere many of them gave us their own side of the story but of all, one appeared to be the most logical and authentic as we shall relay it to you below.

It is believed that at one point Mwenda acquired a fat loan from Sudhir's  former crane bank so as to facilitate his other business ventures. In so doing so he put his plush Kololo and Munyonyo properties as collateral. 

However, our source further intimates to us that ever since this business transaction transpired there has been a very serious game of ping pong between Sudhir and Mwenda.

Over the years unverified stories have been told of how Sudhir gets what he wants when he wants it and it seems Mwenda's properties have become of  top priority on his (Sudhir's) list.
With the hopes of ever regaining his properties fading away so rapidly by the minute and also armed with knowledge of the terrible fallout between Sudhir and certain top officials in government. 

Andrew Mwenda has therefore reinvented himself into becoming a chess master by dragging in and bashing Besigye (who is very much loathed by these government officials) as a pawn on the chess board so appease them and hope that in exchange they will also reign in on Sudhir thus help him to fully re-acquire his much coveted properties. 


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