Women MPs Demand Aya, Makumbi Arrest And Want Prof Mukiibi Body Exhumed, Flogged Thoroughly

Monicah Amoding


Members of Uganda Women Parliamentarians Association (UWOPA) along with other female activists and organisations have demanded that Prof. Lawrence Mukiibi, fallen St. Lawrence Schools tycoon be exhumed out of his final resting place to pay for his earthly sins.

The MPs accompanied by members of a civil society organization- Centre for Domestic Violence Prevention (CEDOVIP) also want Aya tycoon and Bishop Makumbi arrested for allegedly sexually harassing girls.

Prof Mukiibi died last month at Norvik Hospital and left behind over 70 widows, 100 kids and 20 pregnancies, according to a local tabloid.

During a press conference on Thursday, UWOPA chairperson Monicah Amoding demanded government to investigate Prof Mukiibi’s sexual offences. She added that Parliament should pass the Sexual Offences bill that was tabled by herself last year to combat sexual violence and provide for punishment of sexual offenders.

Amoding said that it is a blessing that Prof. Mukiibi died and that there is no doubt ‘he is in hell.’

“How could Prof Mukiibi, a learned fellow take advantage to molest our children? These issues must be investigated, if one person has been accused of molesting a hundred children, isn’t that a disaster? Isn’t it something we shall take interest in as a country. If it was possible, we would have Mukiibi’s body exhumed and whipped,” Amoding said.

Tina Musuya, Executive Director of Centre for Domestic Violence Prevention (CEDOVIP) urged Ministry of Education to interest themselves to investigate sexual abuses in schools and other institutions.

“There is something fundamentally wrong with our society. There is a lot of sexual abuses happening to our children and that is why the levels of teenage pregnancies is at an epidemic level. But what is perturbing is that our institutions instead blame the victims other than the perpetrators,” Musuya said.






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