Swedish Based Jokoping University Opens scholarships in Uganda, Announces Mega Conference

At a time when unemployment is rampant in Uganda, and majority of the graduates are locked in a similar but seemingly permanent status quo, there seems to be hope.

According to officials from Sweden based Jokoping University, the university has opened up scholarship opportunities for Ugandans. And from the looks of things, that might just be the hope for many senior 6 leavers looking to study courses that have wide job markets.

News reaching this desk has it that Jokoping university will be holding a conference on Wednesday 14th March 2018 at Hotel Triangle here in Uganda. And because of the thick cloud of worry in the country, with parents in fear that they might be enrolling their senior 6 leavers in an education system with no guarantee whatsoever, of job opportunities (markets), the conference is highly anticipated.

Parents and Senior 6 leavers are bracing themselves to hear from Thomas Bengttson, an official from Jokoping University come Wednesday. The workshop will take place between 9:00pm and 5:00pm, in two batches. Among the subjects to be addressed will be the courses the Ugandan student needs for a bountiful job market, how quick it is to get a visa when going to study in Sweden, and the vast array of job opportunities after the courses at Jokoping University.

The University, officials relay, also prepares accommodation for students coming from Uganda (or any country) so that they don’t suffer the hassle of looking for a place to stay in a foreign country.

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