Prof. Kanyeihamba Lectures MPs Over Age Limit


Prof. George William Kanyeihamba, former Supreme Court judge and veteran minister has lectured Members of Parliament sitting on the committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs over Constitution Amendment Bill, 2017 dubbed Age limit Bill.

The 77year old former Attorney General arrived at parliament at about 3pm using mobility aids after suffering neurological complications about two years ago. He had been invited by the Legal committee chairperson Markson Oboth Oboth as a witness to interact with the committee that is currently processing the Bill for its second reading.

Unlike other sessions that have usually seen MPs interact with the witness in form of QnA, the session with Prof. Kanyeihamba was extraordinary as MPs most of whom were NRM sat silently and nodded to the Professor’s submissions on age limit without disapproval.

In his submission, Prof. Kanyeihamba vehemently opposed the age limit Bill and asked MPs to use their conscious rather than backing the Bill blindly.

“I oppose this Bill not because I hate Hon Magyezi but because I love my country. I have lived and participated in Uganda politics since 1960s. The country is asking why we are pursuing this Bill which has already caused bloodshed, injuries and exchange of hatred,” Kanyeihamba said.

“A mere private member’s Bill has affected medical service, public service and security because lots of resources have been diverted to support it.”

The retired judge said that whereas he has always supported and worked for President Yoweri Museveni since 1970s, he (Kanyeihamba) feels that the President should be guided to retirement.

“I have served President Museveni and I respect him and I oppose age limit Bill because it is intended to benefit him. The Bill is not about age limit, it’s entirely about national cake, who owns it, who gets it, who distributes it and who gets the lion’s share,” he said.

He added that Museveni has become a spent force and cannot even minimally perform the activities of any department.

“I urge that these millions of Ugandans to protect Museveni from dying in power because he is not immortal. It’s time we help our beloved president to retire so that he can peacefully enjoy benefits of retirement,” he added.

At the end of his presentation that was entailed in 12 pages, there was no single question from the MPs and it was Gaster Mugoya, Bukooli North who gave a vote of thanks to the professor for his voluminous and satisfactory presentation.

“You have surely preached to the converted and I will assure you that we shall use your literature to process this Bill,” Mugoya said shortly before Oboth adjourned the sitting to tomorrow. Earlier on the committee also interfaced with senior lawyers Edward Fredrick Ssempebwa, and Peter Mulira.



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