“I’m not Fighting for Governance Only”, Says Mugisha Muntu


Photo by Baguma Graphics

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president Gen. Mugisha Muntu has come out to express that his struggle in the party race isn;t just about governance.

While campaigning in Mbale, Muntu, who is contesting for his last term noted that the party is also pushing for a legitimate cause in leadership.

“FDC is not only striving for political governance and if you think that’s basically what am aiming at, then for that case we are not on the same lane,” Gen. Mugisha Muntu said.

Muntu also stated that he has other better plans for Uganda’s political leadership hence” feels motivated when working with all party members.”

In his manifesto, he noted that, “we¬† should put gathered efforts beyond FDC taking over this country’s governance.”

“If it was about governance, I would have stayed in NRM and enjoy the money because I was already in the system as you suffer tear gas,” he noted.

He further announced that its obvious, “we are putting off Museveni unfair leadership” clarifying that NRM “lost track due lack of democracy,” hence has a number of issues to handle that were promised to citizens in vain.

Muntu also took some time off to pin NRM, saying they have failed to fulfill and it;s their time to go.

“While in the bush, we had clear goals to transform the country and do away with the past unrealistic leadership but NRM has failed to fulfill them,” Gen. Muntu noted adding that, ” as FDC we can’t just look on when the country’s struggle for independence seems void,” he said.



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