“FDC Pastor” Ngabo Returns, Blames Media for his Disappearance


Famous FDC pastor  David Happy Ngabo has resurrected blaming the media for his fading from the lime light.

Pastor Ngabo showed up in the early hours of the afternoon for a dedication prayer service for party presidential candidate at the FDC home in Najjanankumbi  .

Even though the prayer service was a well advertised event, a hand full of supporters showed up while only one candidate Daniel Masiko was available.

On questioning pastor Ngabo by journalists about his past whereabouts , he said that journalists have to look for him “one thing you have to know is am not a politician to be seen on each and every forum neither can I been seen on the floor of parliament because am not a parliamentarian .but when an opportunity emerges ,I will automatically come out”.

He further went ahead to say that its actually the media’s responsibility to look for him and perhaps phrase questions on issues disturbing the country. On intimidation of religious leaders by the prime minister Dr. Rwakana Rugunda not to comment or get themselves involved in political issues ,pastor Ngabo said that all attention should be put 0n striking doctors in hospitals and striking prosecutors in the courts of law instead of religious leader’s views.

“The intimidation of religious leaders not to speak or have anything to do with Uganda’s politics as if we are not Ugandans is out of contest and this time around I want to be so clear to the honorable prime minister that if we swear by the holy bible then we should live by the bible, it is never going to change and this is it. We are more supreme and by God’s grace we know most of the problems affecting our country so he should let us be”.

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