Exclusive photos: Abiriga Thumped Over Age Limit, Asks for Water


Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga is nursing facial injuries after he was thumped by fellow legislator for spearheading the removal of article 102(b) to allow President Yoweri Museveni contest after 2021.

Abiriga picked up a fight with Ayivu County MP Benard Atiku also from Arua district Tuesday evening after the latter attacked him for ‘ashaming Arua by supporting age limit removal.’
“You’re a fool. How can you support the removal of age limit?” Atiku is quoted as saying before he rushed to grab the retired colonel by the neck. The two exchanged blows in a fight that saw Parliament police intervene to separate the two MPs from Arua.

At the end of the fight, Abiriga whose veins nearly popped out of his face was seen asking for water, perhaps to quench down blows from Atiku. Abiriga is an NRM MP while Atiku won 2016 election as an Independent.

Abiriga is the second MP to be physically attacked after Kassanda South county MP Simeo Nsubuga was recently attacked by a journalist during a function.

Igara west county MP Raphael Magyezi is on Thursday expected to ask for leave from Parliament to present a private member’s bill for constitutional amendment to scrap off age limit.



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