Age Limit Debacle: Clobbered MPs Attack Kadaga, Vow To Fight Till The Last Drop Of Blood


Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga’s beautiful and bright legacy has been torn apart by this week’s horror scenes over age limit motion.

After suspending 24 anti-age limit MPs for indiscipline on Wednesday that resulted to the clobbering of opposition legislators, the MPs have busted Kadaga and vowed to fight till the last drop of blood.

During a joint presser, the MPs led by opposition chief whip Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda had no kind words for Kadaga.
Mathias Mpugga, Masaka Municipality was perturbed by the actions of the Security Officers pouncing on him given the fact that he wasn’t on the list of MPs that had been suspended.
“I can’t tell first of all why I was arrested, I wasn’t supposed to be evicted but then, the illegal eviction as carried out for me is the most unfortunate developments of our generation,” he said.

Mpugga had no kind words for the Speaker saying the lady from Kamuli owes this country an apology arguing that Kadaga argued timidly in the way she handled the day’s business.
“She should have had the courage to adjourn the day’s sitting to have herself time to think through the issues. She has over exposed and allowed the military to overrun Parliament. I am sure she can’t tell anybody right now with confidence that she is the Speaker of Parliament,” Mpugga remarked.

“She owes us an explanation and apology but I am sure she is arrogant enough not to apologize but society will judge her for having failed this country when she needed to show leadership bur for me, I will hold her accountable.”
Nandala Mafabi, Budadiri West MP rebuked the manner in which Kadaga handled the matter accusing her of surrendering her powers to favour the president.
“She had no powers because she allowed being under the attack. If she had refused, nobody would have come the only way would be that she has suspended the House but for her to accept SFC and military that means she had overthrown the Parliament,” he said.

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