Sudhir’s son Rajiv ‘steals’ Liquid Silk CCTV footage

Sudhir son Rajiv (right), who is said to have leaked Liquid Silk's

Sudhir’s son Rajeev steals Liquid Silk CCTV footage

It is no longer news that the Ruparelia Group Empire is crumbling. It is common place how the Ruparelia franchise is losing assets to the Bank of Uganda, and how that threatens many of its business partners. Questions abound. But the one that sticks out like the proverbial sore thumb is; how many other franchises will they drag down with them? Our latest investigation has it that Sudhir’s son, Rajiv stole CCTV footage from Liquid Silk Bugolobi and used it to forge news to frame Kabushenga.

Sudhir son Rajiv (right), who is said to have leaked Liquid Silk’s

Earlier this morning, word was going around that Liquid Silk had deliberately leaked CCTV footage. This, because there was a video that was circulated of Vision Group CEO, Robert Kabushenga sharing tea with Ruparelia group Lawyer David Mpanga, (managing partner Kampala Associated Advocates.) The video shared had text alleging that the two had met so that David Mpanga could leak more of Ruparelia Group’s woes to the Vision Group CEO so that the media witch hunting could continue. And naturally, the whole of Uganda has held Liquid Silk accountable. With many thinking them reckless in their trade. NTV news anchor Sheila Nduhukire tweeted questioning how it happened, and sarcastically highlighted how that might cost Liquid Silk present and future customers. Unbeknownst to all of the criticizing folk, as we have investigated and established, is that they were and are still head deep, buried in oblivion about how the CCTV footage got into the hands of the public. A reliable source at Jinja road police station intimated to us that there are two IT officers being held at the station for stealing and leaking information to Rajeev, Sudhir’s son.

“They both confessed to the act. They have refused to disclose the amount Sudhir’s son Rajeev gave them, but have however, communicated that it was a hefty sum of money,”

According to the officer, (who preferred anonymity to protect his job,) the two were approached by Rajiv and initially, he lied that he just wanted a look at their CCTV footage. When we further investigated, we found that the two IT officers were indeed being held at Jinja Road Police station on account of theft. When we interviewed them, both relayed that they were duped by Rajiv to steal the CCTV footage.

“He said he just wanted to look at the CCTV footage to specifically track down one woman. And that he meant no harm, and that none of the footage would see the light of the world. So we agreed and got paid for the 2 day footage,” relayed one of them, a young IT officer who had been working for the Silk franchise for 2 years.

Our sources on further investigation, found out that Rajiv had been following Kabushenga around for a while. But had never gotten substantial information to frame the Vision Group CEO.

“The Ruparelia franchise’s reputation is crumbling. Right now, there is nothing they can do to redeem their image. For a while now, they have been looking for ways to get back on the positive side of media but all plans didn’t yield. The media sold better with their scandals. Usually, Sudhir just pays the media and the damage is handled. Not this time. The media was already in touch with the right information, which was that his empire was hastily losing assets and it scared his business partners. And armed with the right information, they made more money than Sudhir’s hand outs in Sudhir. That is why Rajiv put a team of private investigators to follow Robert Kabushenga around. They knew that he liked tea, and that he and David Mpanga occasionally met at different restaurants in town for tea and friendly banter and mentoring, so they knew where to find the footage. A reason Sudhir’s son Rajiv personally approached the IT officials at Liquid Silk to have the footage of Mpanga so that they did something to redeem their glory. Except, he is obliviously tarnishing the reputation of Liquid Silk,” relayed a source in Sudhir’s PR department.

Efforts to get a comment for Elvis Sekyanzi were futile, as on a visit to his office, we were told he is away on a business trip but will comment as soon as he gets the information.

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