Want Better Sex? Quit Smoking!


Today 31st May 2017 happens to be world no tobacco day with various anti smoking agencies and people across the globe campaigning against tobacco usage due to it’s adverse effects on the human body. Telesqop has decided to give you 4 quick pointers showing you why your spouse may cheat on you or worse still call it quits because of bad sex due to smoking.

Loss of Libido: It’s believed that 7 out of 10 people who smoke often don’t get the urge to have sex in comparison to that don’t.

Erectile dysfunction: If you are a young man and this condition doesn’t scare you then you might be having so many other problems that you ought to deal with ASAP.

Loss of Oxygen: Since sex requires one to have the lungs to go the distance, smoking unfortunately can afford you that privilege.

Bad Breath: Smoking is a perfect obvious recipe for bad breath. Unless your partner is a very tolerant one they may not stand your breath for so long thus bad sex.

Like the old adage goes a word is enough to the wise man.

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