Winnie Byanyima Defends Son’s Cigar Smoking Antics


Last week, photographs of  17 year old Anslem Besigye  smoking a cigar during his high school graduation in the United States of America went viral on social media with many condemning the act and throwing blame at his dad Kizza Besigye (F.D.C Strong man) and mum Winnie Byanyima (Oxfam E.D) for failure to direct their son on to what they term as ‘the right path.’

Winnie Byanyima exactly acted like a hen defending her chicks by telling all those that were complaining about her son’s behavior to back off because he is only 17 and was only trying it out for the very first time. When questioned on why her son could not attend high school in Uganda or the African continent because there are good schools here too, she classically responded by saying, ‘not quite,there are good schools everywhere including the USA.’

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