Twitter Roasts Bettinah Tianah After Claiming to have bought Shoes Worth 2.5M

Bettinah Tianah
Bettinah Tianah

She might be one of the most lusted-after female TV stars, but twitter fans have no kind words for NTV Style Project’s Bettinah Tianah.

On Monday, Bettinah took to her timeline, and shared how a local retailer ripped 2.8M off her, for shoes.

” I need a refund bruh how didn’t I notice that this shoe retailer repped [sic] me off 2.8M for BALEMCYAGA,” she shared on her Timeline.

Clearly, the fast-raising infuencer and TV personality wanted a shoe from the Spanish luxury fashion house ” Balenciaga” founded by Cristóbal Balenciaga, a Spanish designer.

In her tweet, Bettinah further claimed that, ” this is the reason why I only buy my shoes from the UK.”

Bettinah Tianah’s 2.5M shoe

Twitter trolls and savage users however, couldn’t let this slide.

Armed with memes and sarcasm, trolls ambushed her timeline, asking her whether she was unable to read and differentiate ” BALEMCYAGA” from ” Balenciaga.”

” Can’t you read?,” a seemingly bitter Higiro Japhet asked.

Below are some of the savage replies to her tweet.




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