Straka Fails To Pay Rent Again


Former television super star Straka Mwezi, real names Straka Otii has made it a habit not to pay rent as she is yet again being kicked out of her rented house for the same reason.

It ought to be remembered that a few years ago Straka was nabbed at about 2am in the morning by her landlord as she tried to stealthly shift without clearing her arrears and had to be dragged to police.

Telesqop learnt that this time round, Straka has arrears of up to 5 million shillings in rent that she has accumulated over the past months from her Bweyogerere pad which has also been doubling as a bar and brothel known as Straka’s Last Resort.

According to our snoop the landlord is tired of playing cat and mouse games with Straka and has given her an ultimatum of 2 weeks to vacate his premise even minus clearing the arrears.

Straka is however adamant to leave the place claiming that she did lots of renovations on the place to make it habitable.

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