PHOTOS: Kenyan Babe Lindah Achieno at it Again…Showers on Live Instagram Video


On Monday afternoon we reported how Kenyan model and glamour girl Lindah Achieno stripped naked on live Instagram video.

When the news reached her countrymates, they got a reason to smile even when they have political worries in the 254.

On Tuesday afternoon, at around 1:30PM, Lindah made an announcement, ” Due to public demad,I’m going live at 2:40PM”

2:43PM, Achieno went live in Adam’s suit from her bathroom.

In 5 seconds, viewers were already shooting from 2-500.

As she went on with her Tease, Lindah slowly poured liquid soap on herself, just like the famous pornstars.

Later, after playing around, she grabbed a joint of weed, smoked live on camera as numbers shot to 900.

In this period, she also pulled her trademark racy scene, and inserted the weed a little into her Vijay-jay.

If you’re 18 years and above, click here to view shots from her naked shower time.


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