INTERVIEW : Jack Pemba’s Sextape Partner Speaks Out: “I Knew he was Recording Me”

Jack Pemba with Salaama Suleman

On Tuesday evening, social media was hit by two consecutive sex videos of renowned tycoon Jack Pemba and his reported ex lover Salama Suleman.

As the video made rounds, questions popped up, and Salaama disappeared in oblivion after series of daring posts.

In an exclusive interview with Telesqop, Salaama talks about the video, how she met Pemba, and how she plans to handle the situation after the leak.

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Presented below are the excerpts from the interview.

Besides the speculation, who is Suleman briefly?

I am by the names Salama Suleman 22 years old a Ugandan by nationality. A beautician by profession.

How did you get to meet Jack, if you don’t mind sharing?

I met him in 2015, late September in a place in Kampala, Uganda, it’s like a suburb next to the pace where he used to stay.

I met him at a 24/7 restaurant when he was walking out, and he said Hi to me.

I was 19 and I was from boarding school. On his way out he asked me, can I buy you something to eat and your friends?

I said okay, and I sat with him and we was really nice. He gave me his card and asked me to call him.

I promised I would call him, but when I reached home , I was hesitant to call. My friends told me told me to call him back, saying that he is a good guy.

Salaama with Jack Pemba

I later met him several times and we  went out together. Long story short, we started dating after like a month.

He got me a house in Munyonyo, and told me he had issues with his woman, so he wanted to stay with me.

I told him I do not mind, since I was a Muslim woman, so long as I knew of his other women.

As people know him, he is a flashy person, but in 2016, we got issues and parted ways.

What Issues?

I got him, and my friend having sex on my bed, in my house. I left this friend of mine at home and went to the shops to get something.

When I came back, I found them having sex.

How well did you know your friend? Was she a bestie, or just a friend?

We grew up together in the same home town. But we were not very, very close.

Did your friend ask for forgiveness, after you caught them?

I forgave her. I blamed Jack Pemba for that. He has everything he needs to get any woman he wants.He has the influence.

The fact that he did it on my bed in my house, I blame him, not the girl.

Salaama with Jack Pemba before splitting

Was it the first time you caught him?

No. It wasn’t the first time.

He also got my friend pregnant, and I found  out when my friend had aborted the child.

Speaking about the video….Did you know he was recording you? Did you give him permission?

Yes, we made it together, he travels a lot, so we used to share videos. He would send me his nude videos, I send him mine.

I  did whatever he told me to do.

What else did you do for him?

He told me to get tattoos of his name, I did.

Do you still have those tattoos?

No, when we broke up I went to the hospital and cut them out. Those are the scars you saw in the video.

Salaama Suleman

Did you know he had any intentions of releasing the video?

Yes, he threatened to do it, he called my mum and told her ” Tell your child, I will teach her a lesson she will never forget.”

My mum told him it’s okay, if that’s what he wanted to do.

A week after, he sent the video to my friend called Talia. She called me at night saying Pemba had sent her the video.

I asked her which video and she sent me it to me.

I was shocked, and called him [Jack Pemba], but Jack he didn’t pick up.

I called Sheebah, his girlfriend, and she said he was not home at the moment.

I told her whatever her husband has done is not good. I think she had also seen it.

He called my mum again and that’s when I left the country.

Mum told me, “He may send someone to hurt you, he has the money and what it takes to hurt you.

What followed….

Other boys he moves with, called Dannies and Ellyz also started calling me and sending videos to my friends.

They started asking for money from me, and said if I didn’t want it to go to the media, I should give them 1000 Dollars each.

I told them let them release the tape if they wanted. I wasn’t ready for blackmail.

Pemba didn’t stop, He started calling my sister in the UK saying, I’m obsessed with him, calling me a whore.

Also people started me, talking about the video, and that’s when I went to Facebook and said let them release it.

Have you talked to him after the leak?

I have not contacted him and he hasn’t contacted me. I made the video for him out of love. But I left everything to God,

How did you feel now when you learnt that the country has now seen the video?

I was heartbroken, I trusted him with all my heart, and love. I got tattoos, for him……[Breaks into tears]

[Now crying]What hurt me most is, It should have been someone else, not the person I loved. He had  sent the video to me himself, but I did not know, he was this heartless.

He was my man, I was living with him in the same house, cooking for him.

I couldn’t suspect a man like that since he had so many videos of me before. He used to send me videos when he was nude, I also used to send mine as well.

If he didn’t release it, I wouldn’t have suspected him ever.

Is there a possibility of other videos leaking?

I’m not sure what he is capable of now. But we had only two sex videos and he released them.

How do you feel seeing comments on social media about the video?

I’m not paying attention to media now. I didn’t know it would blow up.

My brother is the one with the Faceboook account now.

They told me to keep quiet but everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Pemba was my husband I’m feeling hurt.

How do you intend to deal with the aftermath of the leak?

My family told me to leave him to God. I have all evidence and the he sent to first is willing to testify if he does anything wrong again.

But I’m a Muslim and I leave him to God, he will handle.

I’m waiting for all this to cool down, and I go back to my own country.

What if he came to you and apologized,  Would you forgive him?

I do not know. At the moment, I’m hurt beyond what you can imagine.

I’m telling you this sincerely, if you could ask anyone in Kampala, I loved him. But now he has hurt me so much.

I don’t want to speak to him, and I would prefer if we both lived different lives.

Maybe with time, I may forgive him.

Salaama Suleman, far right, with a friend donning Pemba Sports T-shirts

Has it crossed your mind to release his nude videos too?

I can’t. I do not want him to feel what I felt. I cannot think about it. If I had a revengeful mind, I would have done something already.

Are you worried about the anti-pornography laws in Uganda?

I am afraid, because it’s me. I cannot deny. It’s not like other videos where someone has to guess, that was me. If someone comes for me, I know who did it.

No woman, would never want to be seen in that form.

Everyone who knows me knows that I can never take videos in bikinis or short clothes, I kept my dignity but he killed it.

What advice, would you have for people willing to record videos for their lovers

Do not do it, in capital letters. Do not even try to think about it.

We have seen many people who have ridden on publicity from such leaks, do you have any intentions of riding on this publicity?

I wouldn’t really take it. If someone else , they would be taking pictures of themselves, But I can’t.


What if he wants you back?

I can’t even think about it. I can’t trust him anymore. Relationships are based on love and trust, I lost all that for him.

I can’t even be on the same place with him.

Do you have a lover currently?

I got married to someone after breaking up with Pemba, but He kept saying he will expose me.

I was stressed with Jack, so I divorced my guy when he kept disturbing me.

Have you had any comments from  your family?

My family hasn’t watched it. They can’t handle seeing that. Many people have sent them the videos videos, but they can’t watch.

My mum herself brought me to vacation as it cools down. They’re supportive and condemn what he, did.

Has your family contacted him yet?

They haven’t contacted him either. My family is waiting for him to deny that it’s not him and take the next step.

If he dares to deny, we will take a step.

I pray that his advisers tell him not to deny, ever.

What will you do if he denies?

I will expose him too. If he says he doesn’t know me, I will bring even the receptionists of apartments we slept in. I will show the world that we knew each other.

We have seen comments on social media where you say “He couldn’t keep it all to himself”, what did you intend to mean?

Maybe he was feeling like he had very good sex, and he wanted to show the world what good sex he has been having.

What I meant, is like maybe he found that it was too good that needed to share with the world.

I mean, Who records bad sh*t,  you only record if it’s good…and maybe he wanted good memories to himself.

We have read comments on media platforms  where people seem to be making fun of Jack’s manhood size. Does it make you feel bad in anyway, Especially because he was your man?

If he didn’t feel bad sharing it to the world why would I feel bad for him🤷🏼♀

I don’t really feel bad for him.  May be he is proud of it. I’m not at all feeling bad.

Did you at any point also feel like his manhood was not as enough as people claim?

It was enough. I was happy with him.

Some people, especially men, have given positive reviews about your bedroom skills.  Does it make you feel proud that society approves of your bedroom skills?

I’m not proud at all because this is something that is meant for two people and it;s meant for my man. Bedroom matters do not leave the bedroom door, Unfortunately the world has got to see it.

I’m not proud.

Many people seemed  surprised that you guys had live sex, yet Jack is known to have a good appetite for women. What’s your comment on that?

He was my man and we went for a test of course and he is not a sick man.

He is very healthy.

Does it make you feel bad that people think you are dry?

Not at all. Because my man has never complained and I don’t have to explain how at times we had sex that day. And people saying o have lipstick on. A woman is supposed to look good and attractive for her husband and not the world.

I know myself and 25 seconds don’t explain the  whole entire experience🤷🏼‍♀

Will trust any man again, ever in life?

Why not. People are different.  just because he did it doesn’t make every man like that.

What last words do you have for anyone out there who was watched the video?

First of all I would like to apologize to my family for good through all this publicity especially my mom. And to everyone else I am as well sorry For all the inconveniences.

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