EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Kenyan Girl Lindah Achieno Goes Completely Naked in Live Instagram Video


Lindah Achieno is a name that resounds in the minds of many not because she is a politician or singer, but a big Instagram figure.

on Monday afternoon, at exactly 2PM, followers of Lindah were blessed with a live strip tease in her apartment.

“Going live again at 2pm,” she announced a few minutes before the tease.

2PM on the dot, Lindah switched on her IG, and went live only in a white long T-shirt.

As the tease went on, Kevin Kims, one of her followers ordered, “Toa Hiyo Panty”, meaning “Remove that panty.”

Simple with a smile, Linda slowly, but seductively removed her panties as the number of viewers went soaring on her page.

Now donning only a T-Shirt, she pulled sensual moves that got her followers clapping and splashing heart emojis all over her page.

Before they knew it, Lindah was now seductively pulling her T-Shirt, occassionally showing off the side view of her naked butt.

In a few seconds, Linda went off set, only to return in Adam’s suit, carrying a guitar.

This sensual move however, didn’t last so long as she again went off.

This time, with her T-Shirt, she spread legs higher, exposing her central hemisphere, only covered by her two long fingers.

Enough of the chitter-chatter, check out the photos here:

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