Emmah Napoleone Splits from Laftaz Lounge

Clash of the funniest

News reaching our desk has it that comedian Emmah Napoleone might be leaving Laftaz.

According to sources within Centenary Park, where the bar is based, reports that the comedian has been distracted by his recent employment at Galaxy FM have been swirling.

“He has not performed at a number of shows. He is also, usually the MC of the show but that he has not performed at several of the recent shows might insinuate something bigger, like a disagreement,” relayed our source.

And as if to confirm the rumors, the comedian is headlining a show with fellow comedians tomorrow (31st March 2016) at Theatre Labonita. The show that will feature comedians Mc Kapale, Chameleone and Bobi, Mad Rat and Chiko has sparked off controversy at Laftaz. With many citing that Emmah Napoleone has grown into a brand that can no longer be contained by the flimsy Laftaz comedy pay.

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