Bobi Wine, Mayiga beef escalates

Musician: Bobi Wine

The beef between musician and self-styled ghetto president a.k.a Bobi Wine and Buganda premier Hon. Charles Peter Mayiga keeps getting uglier by the minute, as they keep throwing barbs each other’s way at every opportune moment.

It ought to be noted, that the bad blood between two began after chunks of Bobi Wine’s Busabala beach was demolished by the Buganda Land Board for illegal development a thing that the musician disputes claiming that he had gone through proper channels to acquire and develop the land.

Buganda Premier: Charles Peter Mayiga

During a talk show on one of the local television stations, the Buganda premier lashed out at Bobi Wine for thinking that he is entitled to special privileges owing to the fact that he is a muganda.

In quotes are the excerpts of the premier ‘He thought he would win the war against Buganda Land Board because he is a Muganda. It believed you will sit on any pew in the church because you’re catholic.’

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