Viva Con Agua to Organize 3rd Urban Arts Festival


The Millerntor gallery and Viva con Agua are set  to host the 3rd annual Urban Arts Festival, under the theme “arts creates water”

In Press Conference that took place earlier this morning at Design Hub,  Papa Tril who is the festival director said that “the event will be made possible by the Ugandan and German volunteers of Viva con Agua with musicians, artists and cultural activities all with the vision of providing clean water to the community and improving sanitation. By doing that, the festival becomes a social event”.

The Urban Arts Festival is the largest FREE community art event in Kampala and will be nine days celebrations from 24th of November to 2nd of December with a free entry but a fee of 5k on the last day.

The festival will feature artists, music, dance performance, automotive arts, projection art, virtual reality and street basketball league, fashion show, live street art and mural painting displays and much more/

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