Bryan White Hits Back At Jack Pemba: “Take Your Briefcase Companies Back To Tanzania”


City socialite Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White has hit back at fellow socialite Jack Pemba who returned on Wednesday from Dubai.

The slim-bodied kindhearted Bryan White has accused Jack Pemba, a self-proclaimed investor of operating briefcase companies. While speaking to the press at Auto-Spa Bar and Restaurant in Munyonyo on Friday, Bryan White said that Pemba should not hoodwink Ugandans with nonexistent businesses.

It should be remembered that as soon as Pemba landed on Wednesday, he attacked Bryan saying, “I have given out over 3billion shillings, but I’m still not appreciated. I’m told Bryan White has no passport, he sleeps on Salaama road and his most expensive car is a Harrier. He still has a long way to go. In this game, there are men and boys, he is a boy. He does not even know London and Dubai, but, God bless him.”

In his polite response, Bryan White has maturely turned a deaf ear to Pemba’s insults saying, he is not here to fight wars of who is richer than the other.

“I am not in a race with anyone on who is rich or not nor am I here to put up showbiz. Am focused on supporting the needy people not fighting petty wars,” Bryan said.

Bryan has been holding countrywide tours helping the needy people especially children.

“I was in Masaka a few days ago where we distributed clothes, food to the needy and shared with them the little we had. I and my team will be headed for Jinja, Mbale then Gulu,” he added.

He added, “Rather than spending money to fight others, l have decided channel my little money to help the needy people because these are the people who will dig the grave for me when I die.”

This coming January, Bryan and his team will be distributing seedlings to locals in various parts of the country to help them prepare for the new cultivation season.

Raging beef between Pemba and Bryan started sometime back when the former found the latter and his team at Auto-Spa told him to get off the table, saying he wanted to occupy it, despite the fact that he [Bryan] had occupied it hours before he came.

“So when we refused, he tried to cause commotion but I told him to relax and assured him. Its childish to fight for a seat in a bar and I am not ready to do that,” Bryan said.

Bryan White receives an invitation from body builders association. The socialite has over 20 invites from different institutions asking for financial assistance

He also expressed dissatisfaction as to why foreigners come to welcoming country like Uganda as investors, but can’t not accord respect to the natives.

“Whereas we appreciate foreign investors to bring money here, but I think such investors should also have some respect for the natives,” the Italian based businessman said referring to Pemba who is on and off social scene.

“I have needy people to take care of and not to use money to fund wars. How do you call yourself an investor yet the only asset we are seeing is a saloon. I think government should help us and turn back ill-mannered so called investors to their countries,” Bryan said.

“Go back to Tanzania may be President Magufuli needs you to first invest there before you come to invest here. We want investors who build international schools, hospitals but not the type of Pemba who look for showbiz by serving drinks in the bars.”

Bryan added that Pemba should not manipulate Ugandans but rather engage them in productive activities that will alleviate them from poverty like he has done.

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